Celtic ring meanings

by Sharon Wild - Gillett's Jewellers

Celtic jewelry has it's own special meaning.

Celtic wedding rings are based on celtic tradition and history. Celtic wedding rings are very popular around the world. They are equally popular with men and ladies.

Each celtic wedding ring has a special ancient meaning, a meaning that can give your celtic ring a special significance above other types of ring styles.

The wide range of celtic rings available at Gillett's Jewellers each represent a special quality and meaning.

You can see the special meaning of the celtic wedding rings below:


Desire celtic ring
The Desire celtic ring expresses the ambition and longing for anything you are passionate about in life.

View the ladies Desire celtic ring.


Devotion celtic ring
The Devotion celtic ring is for pledging dedication and promises of everlasting love.

View the ladies Devotion celtic ring.


Dreams celtic ring
The Dreams celtic ring represents your aspirations, desires, ambition and vision.

View the ladies Dreams celtic ring.


Encouragement celtic ring
The Encouragement celtic ring promotes courage and confidence. Insipiring, reassuring, giving support and approval.

View the ladies Encouragement celtic ring.

View the men's Encouragement celtic ring.


Expectation celtic ring
The Expectation celtic ring represents the anticipation one experiences through the duration of their life.

View the men's Expectation celtic ring.


Exploration celtic ring
The Exploration celtic ring represents journeys through life, growing, expanding and learning.

View the men's Exploration celtic ring.


Foundation celtic ring
Establishing a solid base on which to initiate new ventures, experiences, and ideas.

View the ladies Foundation celtic ring.


Harmony celtic ring
The Harmony celtic ring represents having balance and togetherness - forming a peaceful whole.

View the ladies Harmony celtic ring.

View the men's Harmony celtic ring.


Hearts celtic ring
The Hearts celtic ring with its intertwining hearts represents the love, bond and compassion we share with others.

View the ladies Hearts celtic ring.

View the men's Hearts celtic ring.


Hope celtic ring
The Hope celtic ring embraces the promise of all things, giving optimism and positive encouragement.

View the ladies Hope celtic ring.

View the men's Hope celtic ring.


Infinity celtic ring
The Infinity celtic ring and its continuous and boundless pattern portrays the eternal circles of life.

View the ladies Infinity celtic ring.

View the men's Infinity celtic ring.


Integrity celtic ring
The Integrity celtic ring represents honesty combined with a true sense of worth.

View the ladies Integrity celtic ring.

View the men's Integrity celtic ring.


Liberty celtic ring
The Liberty celtic ring represents self-determination, giving independence and freedom.

View the ladies Liberty celtic ring.


Life celtic ring
The Life celtic ring represents your personal growth and living life to the fullest.

View the ladies Life celtic ring.

View the men's Life celtic ring.


Love celtic ring
The Love celtic ring represents all things close to the heart. Love, devotion, tenderness and affection.

View the ladies Love celtic ring.


Principle celtic ring
The Principle celtic ring is fundamental to truth and conduct, and represents an individual's values.

View the ladies Principle celtic ring.

View the men's Principle celtic ring.


Promise celtic ring
The Promise celtic ring is a symbol of things to come, and future acheivements in a lifetime.

View the ladies Promise celtic ring.


Protection celtic ring
The Protection celtic ring represents conservation and care for something important that needs safe-keeping.

View the men's Protection celtic ring.


Reflection celtic ring
The Reflection celtic ring represents thinking deeply and to contemplate on past events, giving direction for your future.

View the ladies Reflection celtic ring.

View the ladies Reflection celtic ring.


Sensitivity celtic ring
The Sensitivity celtic ring represents understanding and perception are important qualities, and leave an everlasting impression.

View the ladies Sensitivity celtic ring.


Serenity celtic ring
The Serenity celtic ring is clear and calm.

View the ladies Serenity celtic ring.

View the men's Serenity celtic ring.


Strength celtic ring
The Strength celtic ring attributes the fuse between determination, vigour and power together, promoting ever increasing success.

View the men's Strength celtic ring.


Tranquility celtic ring
The Tranquility celtic ring is restful and serene in nature, giving a feeling of calmness.

View the men's Tranquility celtic ring.


Unity celtic ring
The Unity celtic ring is based on the Celts' belief in unity-oneness, being individual but constituting to a whole, dwelling in unity.

View the ladies Unity celtic ring.

View the men's Unity celtic ring.


Universal celtic ring
The Universal celtic ring embraces all exisiting things, incorportating the comprehensive universe.

View the men's Universal celtic ring.


Wisdom celtic ring
The Wisdom celtic ring represents experience and knowledge together with the power of applying them giving insight to understanding.

View the ladies Wisdom celtic ring.

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