Finger sizing

Finger Sizes

You can order a ring in a US finger size, an Australian finger size, a British finger size or a European finger size.
(Note: Ring size and finger size have the same meaning)

First you should have your finger size accurately measured (See below for more information about measuring your finger size).

Once you know your ring size, you should ascertain the ring size scale that you have used to measure your finger size - is it US, GB, AU or European?

United States and Canadian customers: For United States and Canadian customers you will use the 'US' United States ring sizes. The United States ring sizes are a numerical scale. Our normal stock range of US ring sizes is size 4 to 15. The US ring size scale includes 1/4 and 1/2 sizes (for example sizes 4.25, 6.5 and 10.75)

British customers: For British customers, you will use the 'GB' Great Britain ring size scale which is an alphabetical scale. Our normal stock range of GB ring sizes is H to Z+4.5 . GB sizes are also available in half sizes eg L.5 .

Australian and New Zealand customers: For Australian and New Zealand customers, you will use the 'AU' Australian ring size scale which is an alphabetical scale. Our normal stock range of AU ring sizes is H to Z+4.5 . Australian ring sizes are also available in half sizes eg L.5 .

European customers: For European customers (except UK customers), you will use the European ring size scale which is a numerical scale. Our normal stock range for European ring sizes is 47 to 74.

Asian customers:
There is not a specific finger size scale available on this web site for Asian countries. For Asian customers you will need to ascertain your finger size in either the US or UK finger size scales.

Selecting your ring size

To cater for all of our customers from around the world, the finger sizes displayed on the web site can be displayed in four ring size scales. To select your ring size you do two things:

1. Select the type of ring size (US, GB, AU or EU)

2. Select your ring size from the drop down box.

The display reads as follows :

Ring size selection snapshot

Simply select your finger size scale. If the correct scale already appears, you do not need to change it. To change to a different finger size scale, click on the down arrow in the drop down box then click on the appropriate option.

Next, click on the 'please select a size' box to select your ring size.

Measuring your ring size

It is important to obtain an accurate ring size. We suggest that you visit a local jeweler to have your ring size checked before placing your order. This is the only way to accurately measure your finger size.

Many of our rings may be resized, so for those particular ring styles if you order the wrong finger size those rings may be resized by a reasonable amount.

However, some of our rings, particularly the titanium rings, and rings with patterns that run all the way around the ring (for example wave pattern, woven, engraved and ribbed edge rings) are sometimes difficult or not possible to resize due to the patterns on the ring or the hardness of the titanium (titanium cannot be soldered).

For this reason, we request that you have your ring size checked by a local jeweler rather than using a piece of paper or string to measure the ring size. If a piece of paper is used, it does not accurately show how the ring will move over the knuckle and does not take into account different ring widths.

If you do order the wrong finger size, you can contact us and discuss your options. The ring may be resized or in some cases you may be able to return the ring to us and have a new one made for a small re-make fee.

Average ring sizes and prices

Please note that the ring prices displayed on this web site are calculated based on average ring sizes.

Most rings that are ordered are in the average ring size range, though there are some finger sizes that fall outside the average finger size range.

For larger finger sizes, there may be an additional fee to cover the extra metals required to make the larger size required. When you select the finger size that you require for your ring, you will see if an additional fee is applicable. If an additional fee applies that fee will appear next to the finger size. If a larger finger size applies to the finger size that you require, that additional fee will be added to your order value during the checkout process. provides unique engagement rings in gemstone and diamond engagement rings designs in white gold, yellow gold, platinum and titanium. Design your own engagement ring setting or choose from a range of brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, heart cut, baguette cut, oval cut or cushion cut styles. Choose your exquisite style from these unique and affordable engagement rings and engagement ring layaways. is brought to you by Gillett's Jewellers, jewelers with 30 years of experience.