Shipping duties/taxes

International Deliveries Only

This information is only relevant for deliveries made outside Australia.

United States: Special rules apply for orders delivered to the United States. Orders delivered to the United States are tax free - they are exempt from US customs duties and Australian taxes. There should be no customs duties for products imported/delivered to the United States due to the Fair Trade Agreement (FTA) between Australia and the United States (commonly referred to as the AUSFTA) which has been effective as from the 1st of January 2005. The FTA provides that US customs duties should not be applied on goods from Australia (including jewelry) that are sent/delivered to the US.

New Zealand: New Zealand GST will be charged by New Zealand customs for orders that are greater then NZ $400 (including shipping). You will be contacted by the courier company or postal service to pay the GST before your goods are released by customs.

All other countries: Please note that for all international orders (orders delivered outside Australia except orders delivered to the United States), you may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied by the recipient country's government once the product reaches your country.

For all international orders, all additional charges for customs clearance, import/customs duties and taxes are payable by you (the customer/recipient). Such charges are not included in the delivery fee or purchase price of Gillett's Jewellers products. We have no control over those charges and cannot determine what they may be. We are not authorised by international governments to charge import duties on their behalf.

Customs duties are not always applied. Each country has its own rules for determining whether customs duties will apply. Some countries only charge customs duties if the parcel has a value over a certain amount. Based on your country's customs rules, it is possible that your parcel will fall below that threshold level.

Customs policies vary widely between countries. You should contact your local customs office for further information. When ordering from us you are also considered the importer of the ordered product and you must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.

We will not be responsible for the payment of any customs duties under any circumstances. We are not able to offer a refund for returned goods which are returned because the customer wishes to avoid paying any customs duties imposed. When ordering from us you agree to pay any import duties which may be imposed by your country's government. If you refuse to pay any import duties imposed and thereby prevent delivery of your order (or if you accept delivery and then attempt to return the item(s) for a refund), you will remain liable for the purchase price of the product and you will be charged the full purchase price of the order and the shipping price together with any shipping amount incurred in the return of the goods to us and any customs duty or penalty imposed by your government.

What are the customs charges for?

The duties/taxes are amounts that your government charges to import items into your country. To ensure quick delivery to you rather than having your goods delayed in customs, any customs duties that your government impose will be paid for on your behalf by the courier delivery company. Those charges are not for shipping to you, they are for customs duties. If customs duties apply you will be sent an invoice requiring payment by the courier company with the courier company's name on it. You should not confuse the customs duty invoice with a shipping fee.

The customs duties need to be paid by you (the customer) back to that courier delivery company. If there are any customs duties applicable on your parcel the courier company will notify you by sending you a duties/taxes invoice.

Why have I been charged a customs fee?

International customs regulations outline that any goods imported into a country may be subject to import duties that are the responsibility of recipient of the goods, in this case the customer.

Gillett's Jewellers will indicate on the delivery consignment note on parcels that the 'Bill duties and taxes' are to be paid by the recipient. Any amounts imposed by your government are not for the actual cost of shipment of your goods, the shipping cost has already been paid by you when you placed your order. These are the duties/taxes that are to be paid to your government on arrival into your country.

Why was I not advised of these charges at the time of delivery?

As your delivery company process thousands of packages each night, it is operationally impossible to contact each customer to advise if import duties have been imposed - due to a restricted time window in which delivery is required.

At the actual time of delivery the person who physically delivers your parcel will not have been made aware of the duties/taxes amounts that may have been levied by your government's customs office. Any customs and excise amounts that have been imposed are paid by the delivery company on your behalf so that they are able to deliver your order promptly. Otherwise it would take weeks for your parcel to be delivered. Soon after delivery, you will be sent the invoice with the charges by the courier company if customs duties applied to your parcel.

I believed that I had paid all of the charges related to shipment?

At the time of placing your order with Gillett's Jewellers you will be charged the amount for shipping your order to you. However, it is not possible for Gillett's Jewellers to determine if customs duties will apply and how much they may be. Only your government's customs office can do that. We are not able to charge customs duties on behalf of international governments. The amount for shipping that you have paid only relates to the transportation charges (the delivery cost for shipping the package) and not the import duties/taxes.

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