Terrified grandmother ‘not fond of living’ owing to rat infestation in her home

A terrified grandmother says she is no longer “fond of living” owing to a rat infestation in her home.

Residents of Dovedale Court in Redcar have been plagued by the vermin for several months, despite begging the accommodation providers to deal with the issue.

Among them is fed up 72-year-old Carol Gannon on the ground floor who says she is constantly finding droppings and is kept awake at night by the sound of them scratching, Teesside Live reports.

Carol, who lives with her 12-year-old grandson, said: “If I’ve got to live like this for the rest of my days, I’m not particularly fond of living.

“I can’t cope thinking this is my life now. It’s so depressing when you daren’t come out of your bedroom into your own home.

“I suffer with depression and anxiety as it is, I’ve had a lot going on in my life. But it’s affecting me badly.

“I got to bed about eight or nine and I won’t come back through for a cup of tea or anything because I’m just scared stiff I’m going to see one.

““It’s dirty, I’m ashamed that I’ve got rats running around my house. It’s so depressing because I’m never off guard now. I’m waiting for the sound or for the kickboards to fly off, it’s just waiting and waiting.”

“I’m very tearful all of the time because of it.”

The rat issue has been raised with Beyond Housing a number of times, but the resident claims they have done little to solve the problem.

Fellow resident Carol Johnson, 75, added she has been plagued by rats for more than two years.

She added: “I was going away for a few days on Monday morning, I was up early.

“I went into the kitchen because something fell off the worktop and then a rat just ran past me in the kitchen.

“I was terrified – I just let out a scream.”

A spokesman for Beyond Housing, said: “We are aware of this and understand it can be upsetting for residents.

“Pest control has always been a discretionary service and not part of tenancy service agreements.

“However, in this instance we have engaged a specialist contractor who has been onsite recently and will be working to resolve the matter as soon as possible.”