Patrick Mahomes: I would appreciate a Super Bowl win more now than when I was younger

The last time the Chiefs and 49ers met in the regular season was in 2018. It was the fourth start of quarterback Patrick Mahomes‘ career, and Kansas City rolled to a 38-27 victory. San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo also happened to tear his ACL in that game.

The next year, the two teams met in Super Bowl LIV, with Kansas City winning 31-20.

The Chiefs and 49ers have since played a preseason game. But Sunday will mark the first game of consequence since they met in Miami back in Feb. 2020.

So, naturally, Mahomes was asked about beating the 49ers in that Super Bowl and the mentality of trying to win one every year.

“I mean I’ve always wanted to try to compete for Super Bowls,” Mahomes said in his Wednesday press conference. “And then when you win one, you want to get back because you know how that felt. And now, I’ve known how it feels to lose too, so I obviously want to get back.

“But even looking back on that game and that team [they’re still a great football team that — a lot of that team is still there, and they’ve stayed together, and they’ve gotten better and better. So, I understand it’s going to be a challenge because I’ve played against them before and know how many great players they have on that defense.”

Mahomes was in his third season when the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV, but just his second as a starter. He’d had immediate success in the league, winning the MVP in 2018 and then becoming a Super Bowl MVP a season later.

Now after losing a Super Bowl in 2020 and the AFC Championship Game in 2021, Mahomes said he’d think a little differently about accomplishing the ultimate goal.

“Yeah, I think I would appreciate it more now than I did back when I was young. That and winning the MVP early in my career. I think I just kind of thought that’s just what you did — you went out there and played football for coach [Andy] Reid and you win the MVP, and you win Super Bowls,” Mahomes said with a laugh.

“But now I see what the grind and being in there every single day and not succeeding and not winning the Super Bowl. I think if I had the chance to go out there and win another one, I think I’ll appreciate it even more.”